Brown Mosaic Tiles

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Foil Harvest Mosaics 300x300x8mm

Foil Harvest Mosaics: 300x300x8mm mosaics with shimmering glitter accents for a dazzling effect.

Hong Kong Linear Mosaics 300x300x8mm

Hong Kong Linear Mosaics: Modern elegance in 300x300x8mm mosaics. Shop now for a stunning focal point.

Chocolate Marble & Glass Mosaics 300x300x8mm

Elevate your space with Chocolate Marble & Glass Mosaics, 300x300x8mm. Warm chocolate tones meet glass elegance. Shop now for luxury and style.

Naples Mosaics 300x300x8mm

Bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space with the Naples Mosaics. These stunning mosaic tiles feature a beautiful design that adds visual interest to any room. Shop now and create a unique and luxurious atmosphere with Tiles DIY.

Brown Brushed Metal Diamond Mosaics 300x300x8mm

Introduce a stunning focal point with the Brown Brushed Metal Diamond Mosaics. Measuring 300x300x8mm, these mosaic tiles feature a brushed metal finish in a captivating brown color. Shop now and bring a contemporary and artistic flair to your home with Tiles DIY.
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